Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beginning Month 6 - Things Were Going So Well...

Things were going so well.

 Month 5 really didn't seem to bring much progress until the very last week. In the last week of the month, I seemed to have a little more energy and was able to get a big chore out of the way in the garden. I didn't do the chore, I just helped.
We also were able to get the basement painted.

I had planned to up my A-biotic for 5 days during the full moon, which was going to be on July 2nd. I seem to feel worse around the full moon, which the lyme community says is when borrelia come out to play - they come out of their biofilm and multiply. I've read this is a good time to hit them.

On Sunday the 28th of June the hubs and I went to church and the loud worship didn't seem to bother me as much. I've had to wear earplugs at church even during the sermon and did so that day.
Came home and had a snack, then went out to tell my husband where the bags of mulch needed to go after we/he had done the hard work of removing some raised beds. 

The scene of the crime