Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Beginning Month 9 - Back on Track...Again

Last month I told you I was back on track and started to feel like my old self again, but the day after I posted, my father passed away. The day after that, I flew out to Southern California with my daughter. At the time we made the arrangements, I had hoped to see my father one last time, but he passed a few hours after I booked our flight.
view from my dad's patio

I would have had trouble navigating the airport had my daughter not been with me. The noise, hustle and bustle of all the people in a place I don't go to every day sent my brain into total confusion and I couldn't think or even figure out how to use the machine where you print your boarding pass. It was difficult to follow directions.

I'm glad I brought my cane with me even though I hadn't needed it for awhile,  because by the time we got in the line for security I was experiencing pretty substantial tremors in my hands and head and was having some balance issues.

At the gate, there was seating marked for handicap persons and I sat in one of the chairs. Just before boarding, someone from the airline came over and asked us if we would like to board first, which was really helpful. 
I had a couple of leftover Valium from  a procedure I had done a couple of years before and took that once on the plane to calm me down. I don't normally like to take prescription like that, pain killers, or even tylenol, but Dr. Rawls mentioned on our Facebook group that something like that would be a good thing to take during a stressful time. I think my situation qualified for that!  I was glad I took a valium because I  slept for a couple of hours on the plane! By the time I woke up, it was almost time for the plane to descend.

We had to change planes in Phoenix and we had arranged for a ride from one gate to the other because the airport is so large, the gates are so far apart and I knew that I couldn't walk that far. It was a good thing we had done that back in Charlotte because the plane was late getting in and would have definitely missed our flight otherwise. Even with the ride, we were the last to get on the plane. 

We arrived at the (small) Long Beach airport and only had to walk across the parking lot to get our rental car. I was a little tired, but ok to drive. The streets there are straight and wide, with stop lights every 1/2 mile or so. I did not drive the freeway at all.

My husband arrived a few days later, thank goodness, because I was tired of driving and we needed to drive on the freeway to get to where we were going.
With the exception of one day, where I slept for half of it, I was able to function, had energy and felt well. I was glad I brought all of my supplements and my Migun infrared mat with me, even though they took up most of the room in my suitcase.

We were staying at my dad's place, so I had access to a kitchenette and was able to keep my eating routine pretty much the same as at home. We did eat out quite a bit, but I kept to the diet, except for 2 times when I had to have a cheeseburger from In-N-Out. I didn't break my diet until after the funeral, though.

On the way home, I had similar symptoms as when we flew out, but at least we were all flying home together and my husband and daughter both took good care of me.

I seemed to crash the week after getting home. I was really tired again. My tremors continued and I was having brain fog and balance issues. Brain fog, for those who haven't experienced it, feels like having had one too many drinks. I can't think clearly, stumble and slur my words. My brain, between my scalp and my skull also felt like it was smoldering. That symptom can be easily taken care of with a frozen gel pack placed on top of your head.

The tremors subsided after about a week or so, but the other symptoms remained for about 3 weeks. 

I was a bit frustrated with the new symptoms after traveling and wondered whether or not these symptoms were from a build up of ammonia in my brain (from bacteria die off). I've read that bacteria die off can build up in the brain and it needs to be detoxed, so I searched around the internet and found several people had good reviews for a product from Jernigan Nutraceuticals. I  used it for several days and then the brain fog was better. I don't know if it just subsided or the product actually worked. 20 drops is the doses on the bottle, taken 3 x a day. It doesn't taste bad.  You can find this product HERE. I read about this product on Suzy Cohen's blog. (she's a pharmacist)

 I started feeling better last week. I did have one day where I had a bit of brain fog when I was tired and on the way home from running errands. I had trouble with following the commands at the self checkout. It was a good thing I was only a couple of miles away from home.
The past several days, we've spent a lot of time in the garden doing Fall chores.

At my request, my husband picked up a few garden tools  that would make the Fall chores easier for me. Not that he wasn't going to help. We have gas powered tools that are too heavy for me to use and I'm not strong enough to pull the string to get the gas blower started. 

Let's just say, I went a little overboard on 3 different days.  Last Sunday I worked (with my husband) practically the whole day) at least 5 hours outside. Of course, I took several breaks, but we had to get everything done. We also had our young marrieds group (we lead) that evening and I was a little tired, but felt good.
I threw caution to the wind yesterday and went out again to finish up a bit in the yard. I worked 3 hours by myself and really pushed it. I probably should have given myself a day in between. Today I'm resting and have that smoldering feeling in my head, but I still feel pretty good. There are still about 30 shrubs that have to be trimmed and shaped, but that will have to wait. We're hiring some teenage boys to pick up the trimmings. That's half of the work!

As for what's next, I've ordered some extra herbs to treat the Bartonella symptoms. The protocol is listed on Stephen Buhner's website. The Vital Plan Restore Program is based on the Buhner Protocol. Restore includes some herbs that addresses microbes other than borrelia, but the Bart symptoms have been pretty strong since returning from our trip. I plan to take the herbs for Bartonella for 30 days.

That brings you up to date as I begin my 9th round of the Restore Program

Hope today is a good day for you.

ps: leave me a comment as to how you're doing if you are recovering from lyme disease.

Here are my symptoms as of today:
Generally, I feel good and symptoms are a minor annoyance
fatigue - changes daily, but today it's about a 3-4 Some days it's only a 2 :)
Numbness, tingling in feet got worse and now back to what they were last month
swollen pads on bottom of feet near toes- same
dizziness- only when tired
difficulty finding words (1- 3-4 when really tired)
blurry eyes ( has been worse lately)
urgency  (3)
light sensitivity (negligible)
noise sensitivity (3)
startles easily (2)
muscle pain - same as last month
aching forearms-haven't noticed any
muscle weakness (4)
tremors (had them when I traveled really bad, but went away after about a week and a half- also had them a      little previously)
high pitch ringing in the ears/low pitch ringing - have developed a 3rd pitch that comes and goes
brain "smoldering" - (3 - when I've work too hard the previous day)
brain fog ( 1 day last week- previously every day after coming back from SoCal)
not being able to follow directions (3-4) -comes and goes
Weight is still the same- Have lost about 30 pounds since December