Thursday, July 4, 2019

What if...And Other Random Thoughts

Well, it looks like the dump is going to be 2 years for me.
As of today, it will be 144 days more if the dump is counted from the day it starts (November 25th. It will be 83 more days (September 25th)  if the dump ends 2 years after amalgam removal.

These days have been difficult and fraught with doubt.
What if some of these symptoms are lyme rearing it's ugly head?
Am I chelating with an amalgam speck still on a tooth?
What if my symptoms continue after the 2 years is up?
What do I do if symptoms continue after the end of November?

First, I have to get through the 83 to 144 days.
I will continue to do rounds of ACC chelation.
I will continue to take the Core 4 and other supporting supplements.
I am taking some herbs to keep lyme at bay.

If I get to January and still have increased symptoms, I will :
     Have my dentist lift my crowns, take x rays and post them again to the group
     to check for specks.

After that, I will continue to chelate.
There was a post recently in our Andy Cutler group that asked people who had the longest dump.
The AVERAGE dump lasts around 12 months.
The AVERAGE LONGEST dump is 24 months.
These are people who like me, had amalgams for many years and may or may not have used chelators improperly, like I did.
There was ONE person who recently said they were in month 30.

Reading 30 months was truly depressing.

My X rays have been checked with the group once, so I'm trusting that, for now.

I had to lower my dose of ala yet again.  This time, I went down to 3 mg.
That round went very smooth.
I took 2 weeks off because we took a week of vacation and then my left hip muscle acted up again and it took about 6 days before I could walk upright and not be in so much pain.

Monday I started  round  59 at 3 mg ala. It was rough for the first couple of hours, but it has leveled out.

Still waiting for the world shortage of dmps to end so I can try it.

Nothing much else to report.
The thought of spending the next 83 to 144 days sitting on my bed watching tv or surfing the internet fills me with dread. 
All I can think of is that I want to get up and do something. 

The problem is, that when I do, I get dizzy and so tired I can't finish even the simplest of tasks.
How to torture someone who's a type A?

Yep, this is it. 
I'll stop whining now.

Thanks for listening.

Thinking of the better days ahead,


extreme muscle tightness 
cannot use muscles or I'm so sore the next day
Muscle spasms upon standing
waking up at night to use bathroom (2-4 times a night)
sleeping 1 to 2 hour stretches. Rarely 3 hours once a night.
dizziness upon standing or moving around too much
brain fog sometimes when I do too much
cannot write well
numbness in feet and legs up to knees
super hot or freezing feet
ringing in ears
gait problems
blurry eyes at times
eyes not processing what I'm seeing (when in public)
nail problems