Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Core 4 and Two Important Supplements

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I am not a doctor or medical professional and this is not medical advice, it's for educational purposes only. 

I've been talking with a few people online lately about ACC (Andy Cutler Chelation) and the whole topic of mercury toxicity and the ACC protocol can be so overwhelming and disheartening. As with anything, when you get all the information at once, it can overwhelm you to the point that you just forget it and walk away. 
So, I thought I'd do a post about the Core 4 and what to avoid.
Those are the two things you can do right now if you have amalgam fillings.

Here they are again: Take the Core 4 and avoid certain things.

The Core 4...

Vitamin C- 1,000 mg to 1,500 mg 4 x a day ..... (I take 1,000 mg 4 x a day as that's all I can do.)

Magnesium - 200 mg magnesium glycinate 4 x a day

Zinc- 50 mg once a day

Vitamin E- 1,000 iu as Mixed tocopherols once a day

That's it....super easy! I'll link the brands I take below.

What to avoid...

alpha lipoic acid(must be taken according to it's half life and without amalgams in)(no IV)
glutathione (IV or oral)

Those are the big's more to avoid:

dandelion (hard on the liver)
Challenge tests with DMPS
Infrequent, high dose DMPS
Other protocols that have the above in them!
You can see more HERE

That's it guys. Those are the most important first things to learn.

I take adrenal cortex (several upon waking and more throughout the day until 5 pm

I take 300 mg milk thistle 2 - times a day (helps the liver) ACC says 250 mg, up to 3 x a day

I take many other supplements, but you probably do to. Fish oil, CoQ10, some adaptogenic herbs, probiotics, b complex, vitamin d3, k2, lithium orotate, molybdenum, etc. etc. etc. Take what you feel you need for your symptoms and for your age.

I may do a post later on linking everything I take. 

So that's it for todays lesson ;) Here are the links supplements I take for  the core 4:


I take the NutriElite Magnesium when it's in stock because it's 200 mg with no fillers. They've been out awhile, so I buy the magnesium in BulkSupplements and  just fill my own capsules . It's a lot cheaper and filling your own caps isn't that big of a deal. Not sure what size they are, maybe size 0, but they are the same size that the NutriElite are. The bulk magnesium is going to last me for months.

Cost for the Core 4
The approximate cost for the core 4, using the brands I purchase above from Amazon is $22.48. I buy magnesium in bulk and fill my own 0 size capsules (that's about 200 mg). I did not include the cost of the 0 size empty capsules in the $22.48. You can purchase 1000 0 size capsules currently for $7.43 on Amazon. 

Here are the links for the adrenal cortex and milk thistle I buy. For the adrenal cortex, I use subscribe and save and order 5 for the month.

That's all for's enough!


I am not a doctor or health professional. This is not medical advice. As always, consult your medical professional before taking any new supplements.