Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Chelating Mercury

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Hello friends!
I haven't posted in awhile because I'd been in a holding pattern. The plan last year was to have my amalgams removed safely by a biological dentist. That took some time as I had to find a biological  dentist, get quotes from 2 different dentists,  and decide who to go with. Because I had amalgams in all 4 quadrants in my mouth, it took 2 different appointments to remove them, with a couple of months in between to recover. (sensitivity)
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Gorelik Dentistry

 The last of my amalgams (silver fillings which are 50% mercury) were removed safely at the end of September 2017.  I was feeling be better and was even thinking of planning a trip for this Spring. It was not to be. According to the Andy Cutler Safe Chelation group on Facebook, the "dump" phase started 5 days shy of two months post removal. 

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For those that don't know, the "dump" phase starts 2 - 4 months post removal of all mercury. Even a speck left in your mouth is enough to keep this from occuring. If you're getting your amalgams removed, do so with a biological dentist who has a whole safe protocol and have the dentist take bitewing x rays after the fillings are removed,  and before your teeth are refilled. 

The last week in November ( 2 months post amalgam removal), all my muscles were cramped up. They cramp when I stand up and when I'm sleeping. My whole body. Going to the chiropractor doesn't help. The brain fog was coming back, as well. 

I had planned to start chelating via ACC (Andy Cutler Chelation) after the holidays, but I felt bad and didn't want to chance feeling worse. Sometimes, when people start chelating, they feel worse, but not always. Sometimes they feel worse "on round", when Alpha Lipoic Acid is carrying the mercury out of your body, or feel worse "off round" when there's no Alpha Lipoic Acid in your system and mercury is dropped, or redistributed in the body.


Sorry for the all caps, but I can't stress this enough. I believe, this is what caused my problems after our big move. I had been taking ALA randomly in one of the Restore products (Mitochondrial Support)  for about a year and a half while I recovered from Lyme.

My thinking is that I've recovered from Lyme, but now have to chelate the mercury out. Mercury and lyme have some of the same neurological symptoms and mercury lowers immunity.
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Getting on to Chelation:
I did an HTMA hair test, but it was inconclusive, as it didn't meet any of the ACC counting rules, but I was low in lithium, even though I take lithium orotate regularly. The ACC group suggested that I do a trial round to see if I reacted, so I ordered 12.5 mg capsules from Living Supplements.

January came and went. Then, in the 2nd week of February, I had really bad brain fog and dizziness for the whole week and I couldn't drive anywhere or do hardly anything. I figured chelation couldn't be any worse because I was already stuck in bed, as I couldn't get up and do anything, other than feed myself,  use the restroom and maybe do some laundry. I couldn't stand up without getting dizzy. I was also having periods of crying uncontrollably for no reason. 

So, I created a spreadsheet for taking ALA every 3 hours around the clock and started on a Thursday. The first day on round, I felt awful. My head felt like it was filled with cotton and was smoldering. I took some Alka Seltzer Gold for symptoms (suggested by the ACC group) and it helped. I didn't feel well, yet I wasn't depressed. I was actually in a good mood. I felt ok for the remainder of the round and didn't bad when I finished the 72 hour round.

Today, I'm on the last day of my 2nd round at 12.5 mg ALA. This round hasn't kept me in bed and I haven't had any additional symptoms other than a little more ringing in my ears and my head feeling a little like it's stuffed  with cotton. Dizziness is a little better, but I'm not about to try driving yet. I'll wait until I complete a few more rounds.

Dr. Cutler's Book Amalgam Illness explains a lot. Click on the photo to take you to the Amazon link where you can purchase it.
Amalgam Illness

I am hopeful that I will get better and am hoping I will see significant progress by summer, but it takes a long time to chelate all the mercury out. It can take 18 months to 2+ years to finish. 

You can't chelate until 3 months after you remove your amalgams. The ACC group suggests you take the "core 4", which are zinc, Vitamin C, magnesium and Vitamin E (mixed tocopherals). Join the group on Facebook to see the recommended doses.

Some things you should not take or eat when you have amalgams are:
No Cilantro,
No Glutathione
No Chlorella
No Alpha Lipoic Acid

There's more, but those are the biggies. Cilantro is a single thiol, which can pick up mercury, but it can't hold on to it, so the mercury can get redistributed to the brain. I'm not going to go over the chemistry of glutathione, chlorella and ala here. Join the Andy Cutler Chelation:  Safe Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox group on Facebook for more. I can't stress this enough.

Well, that's all for now. I'm anticipating that I'll be bringing you good news in a couple of months. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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