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Products I Use In My Healing Journey

Those of us with lyme disease or another chronic illness are searching for products that either help get you well, treat a symptom or make dealing with the symptoms easier. That's why in the past, I've plastered them all down the sidebar or included the links in my posts.
I am finally  decluttering the sidebar and putting them into one post to make things easier.

For full disclosure here, anything with an Amazon link I will make a small commission on if you click over from my website and order the item. I thank you for that! I DO NOT and WILL NOT recommend anything that didn't work for me- with the exception that it's recommended by others - but I'll let you know that because everyone is different. Remember, something that worked for me, might not work for you and vice versa. In regards to supplements; remember, I'm not a doctor...you should always check with your healthcare professional before starting anything new.

Having said that, here goes...(please see the very last product I recommend in the update because I had pretty dramatic results)

First and foremost, I highly recommend Vital Plan's Restore Program (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MITOCHONDRIAL SUPPORT - SEE  EXPLANATION BELOW) and their supplements since they are high quality and I've met Dr. Rawls.  The first month of Restore costs $325 as of this writing and $270 for any month after that. 
UPDATE: Vital Plan offers savings with their Subscribe and Save program.The first month includes his book Suffered Long Enough, 3 6 month email and video course, eating plan, symptom tracker and personalized email support.

As of this writing, I'm feeling pretty good after being on Restore for 10 1/2 months. You can read my monthly updates for more information.
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UPDATE: In the course of learning about mercury toxicity from fish, amalgam fillings and vaccines, I learned from the Andy Cutler Chelation group that mercury toxic people shouldn't have cilantro, chlorella, glutathione or alpha lipoic acid because it could cause mercury to end up in the brain. For that reason, I don't recommend Mitochondrial Support, because it includes alpha lipoic acid and glutathione.
Disclosure: he has sent me some products to try a couple of times, which I have and will review with my honest opinion.

EMF Blocker
Dr. Rawls mentioned the DefenderPad EMF blocker in his book Suffered Long Enough.

I've spent a lot of time on the internet  since I finding out I had lyme. Many hours have been spent researching and talking to people, so blocking emfs is really important. I also have a little Belly Blanket by Belly Armor which I lay across my lap, then place the DefenderPad on top of that. I also fold the blanket over where I place my hands on the laptop.

Essential Oil Diffuser
I have this essential oil diffuser.  There are many other ones on Amazon. The oils I like to diffuse (so far) are lavender (when I sleep) and peppermint - when I'm sleepy during the day.

I've read quite a few more, but these are my favorite.

I reviewed lion's mane mushroom HERE

[UPDATE- I forgot I was taking thes probiotics - I change them up to get different strains]
I will be taking this probiotic for a month, then trying the Probiotic from Vital Plan.

Jernigan Neuro-Antitox
lyme disease, herbal therapy, l-theanine,   brain fog, healing from lyme disease, k-laser, infrared pad,
From the website: "Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS is for those suffering primarily from problems in the brain, meninges, and peripheral nerves from Lyme toxins and heavy metals"
This helped resolve my brain fog when it was from ammonia build up from die off.

UPDATE: Muscle Cramps
I try to get as much potassium as I can from food, but because I have frequent urination, my electrolytes are depleted and I take extra potassium and a pinch of Himalayan salt a couple of times a day+ 800 mg of Magnesium. I also take Formula 303 before bed and when waking up when my muscles are super tight. Below are the ones I use:

UPDATE: My chiropractor suggested this form of calcium and when I've run out and miss taking it for a few days, I can tell the difference.

lyme disease, herbal therapy, l-theanine,   brain fog, healing from lyme disease, k-laser, infrared pad,
This is a wonderful product! Read the reviews on Amazon.

I don't have stress in the normal sense, but being a passenger in a car or being in a large space where someone uses a microphone(like in church) caused me stress and Suntheanine helped me. Read the reviews on Amazon.

Vital Plan also has a good product called HPA Balance,
which has 100 mg l-theanine in it and I'll take this if I'm driving (a short distance) somewhere.
lyme disease, herbal therapy, l-theanine,   brain fog, healing from lyme disease, k-laser, infrared pad,

I now take 2 HPA Balance plus 200 mg of the l-theanine before going to church where it's loud! Taking these helps me a lot.

************SLEEP ***********
I've taken 5 HTP, Ashwagandha, Melatonin, Tryptophan, etc. They are all a little different and you'll need to try them to see which one works for you

What has been working for me lately are blue light blocking glasses. I put them on at 8 pm and take them off when I get into bed.  I also take 2 sublingual melatonin. I've been successful with these two items.


Turmeric/Curcumin is anti-inflammatory

For Pain

I use this pack whenever my neck was inflamed or my head felt like it was smoldering.

For Inflammation
Many of those with lyme disease have a stiff or inflamed neck. Mine was so bad it was the cause of some brain fog so strong that I couldn't drive most days. K-Laser has helped me tremendously. Go HERE to read the blog post on  K-Laser.

Migun Infrared Mini Mat
I love, love, love my Migun Mat. I use it for muscle pain and in the past, I would sit on in every morning upon awakening to take away the "icky" neuro feelings. I know - such a technical term. lol. It's a little hard because of the jade stones on it, so I use a folded up twin sheet to pad it a little. It was $345 when I purchased it, but I think the price has gone up to $395. You can find it online if you do a Google search.

Infrared Sauna
I have a Rocky Mountain Colorado infrared sauna. After researching saunas with low/no emf, I purchased this one. I HATE sweating, but I always feel better after I get out, take a shower and rest for 20 minutes.

UPDATE 7/17: One product I have to add that I've had great results is Transfer Factor Plus by 4Life. Please read THIS post for more details

Do you have any favorite products that have helped you that aren't on my list?

I hope today is a good day for you!


this post is not meant to be medical advice. Consult your health care professional before taking any supplements.

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