Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 2017 Update

Hello friends!

Hope you are making progress and feeling a bit better each month. 
This update is long overdue and I apologize for not writing sooner. I've been pretty busy getting our new house organized. It's been 6 months and we're still sorting things out and getting things to where they belong.

Many of you know that I had been feeling really good with a lot of energy at the beginning of 2016 and I worked really hard getting our house ready to sell, sold it and moved, then moved to a new house 6 months ago. All of that stress caught up with me and I started feeling bad again. My brain fog had been worse than ever and I haven't been able to drive much. Many days I've been able to clean the whole house, do 4 loads of laundry, get in some rebounding and even a sauna and a shower, despite the dizziness that shows up all of a sudden.

I remember days when a shower is all I could manage- some days I couldn't even do that! I still have symptoms to work on and I'm not sleeping as well as I could, but I'm glad to have my head clear some days or even most of a day and to have some energy. I'm also happy to report that I've stopped losing weight and have even gained 12 pounds back! I'm now at a good weight and hopefully, that's where I'll stay.

My advice to y'all is not to overdo it for months or even days at a time. Take care of yourself! Eat food that heals, get some fresh air and a little exercise, if you can.

Now that we've settled a bit in our house and my dizziness is better and sometimes it's just off balance, plus the fact that it's January, I've made a plan for healing for this year.

1. I made an appointment to see a chiropractor...I stopped going to my chiropractor back in December of 2015 because I started working on getting our previous house ready to sell last January.

2. I made an appointment to see a holistic dentist to inquire about amalgam removal. I really want to get my amalgams out for a long time and this is the year to do it.

3. I've found a clinic less than 2 hours away from me that treats with IV ozone. I've been reading about ozone, joined Facebook groups to know more and am encouraged that it could help me get 100%.
I found a clinic that isn't too expensive (175 to see the nurse practitioner and 165 per IV ozone session) and was very professional and helpful. There are quite a few doctors who use ozone therapy across the US and around the world. If you'd like to know more about ozone, go to or look Dr. Robert J Rowen up on Facebook. He has a lot of good and informative posts.
our screened porch where I love to take breaks when it's nice outside

As for herbals, I'm finishing up my last month of the full Restore Program and will be going on a maintenance dose of A-biotic and Adaptogen Recovery. I still haven't treated Bartonella. I tried Buhner's protocol for it (again), but got the ice pick headaches again. I have added the herb houttuynia and I'm up to about 2 teaspoons a day. Instead of going through the hassle of putting it in capsules, I just mix a teaspoon at a time in a couple of ounces of water, then drink it. It doesn't taste good, but it's not bad either.

I've been getting in the infrared sauna 3-4 times a week for about a month now and feel pretty good after, although I HATE SWEATING! I'm also trying to walk 20 minutes several times a week. It's been warm enough here to do that and I'm thankful!

I don't make New Years Resolutions, but my goals this year are that I want to get rid of the following symptoms: 1. dizziness/brain fog 2. blurry eyes/stop worsening eyesight 3. bladder urgency, and of course, I'd like a little more energy!

One of the irritating symptoms that is mostly gone just within the last month is being startled at every single noise (someone sneezing, dropping something, etc.) and the anxiety of being in car when someone else is driving. Driving in a car had been a white knuckle ride for me and caused me so much anxiety. I've had a couple of days in the last month, where it's not been the case, but most days, I'm calm as we're driving down the street. In the past, I've always taken HPA Balance + an L-theanine before setting foot in a car, but I don't have to do that on most days. Some noises still startle me on some days, but overall, it's 90% better. I still have to wear earplugs when I sit in church (lights and noise) and am looking forward to the day when I don't.

the view from our porch at our mountain cottage

That's about all I have for an update.
Hope you are making some progress and I hope today is a good day for you.


Here is the status of my symptoms:
Numbness, tingling in feet - seems to be getting better
swollen pads on bottom of feet near toes-a little better
dizziness/off balance- comes and goes.
difficulty finding words  about a 2 when really tired
blurry eyes - a few days clear, then a few days blurry
urgency  (3) - still a problem
noise sensitivity (2)
startles easily (1) A few days, it's worse
muscle pain -2 some days more
muscle weakness (2)
high pitch ringing in the ears/low pitch ringing - high pitch is more present,
not being able to follow directions (2-3) -comes and goes- I think it's less.
98 +   temp
My lowest weight was 113 - which was getting scary - I'm now at 125


  1. Good luck with the ozone Pam. I hope it is the last step you need to take to get you to 100%. It's funny how our bodies can keep it together when we need to do things and then when we can relax, cracks start to show. You've done so well with all you've achieved last year and it sounds like you have a good plan for the year ahead :)


    1. Thanks so much Donna! I look back and can't believe all we accomplished, but so glad it's done because living in our new house is so much easier- less stress and less work. Now on to more healing! Hope you are doing well.

  2. The dreaded ice picking pain! I have this pain since all this mess started over 2 years ago. I refer to Lyme as SD, stabbing disease; I feel it all over my body:(. Would you say it is related to Bart?

    1. I think it is related to bartonella because I've gotten those headaches both times I started adding herbs for bart.

  3. HI Pam

    I have never really read blogs before, so I apologize if the questions I ask are answered already and I missed them. I was curious if you are continuing to take Dr. Rawls Restore Kit. If so, do you feel that it is still helping? I have read his book, Unlocking Lyme, and was very impressed. I was just about to order the kit and decided to look for outside reviews. I have read three including yours. I notice that the diet seems to have a lot to do with helping people feel better. Do you have a feeling as to what percentage of your initial improvement was from the diet change vs the herbal protocol? And I was a little surprised that your symptoms seem to have continued so severely despite following Dr. Rawls plan. In hindsight would you still recommend it?
    I come from a long history of seeing naturopaths, holistic docs, massage, chiro, herbs from numerous sources, homeopathy etc...... for whatever that is worth. :) All the reg docs say is: Would you like an antidepressant?