Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Replacing The First 3 Amalgams

Hey Everyone! 

I haven't posted for a couple of months, so it might be good to bring you up to date as to how things are going  with me.
lyme disease, K-Laser, Andy Cutler Chelation

I'll recap for those who may have forgotten:
I had a bit of a breakthrough with the really bad brain fog that kept me from driving at all with the K-Laser treatments from my chiropractor. The K-Laser reduced the inflammation in my neck and after a couple of treatments, I was able to drive myself to the chiropractor 20 minutes away on my appointment day. I pretty much wasn't able to do anything else that day and had to rest so that I wouldn't get any level of brain fog and I could make it to my appointment. Driving home is never a problem because I feel great about 10 minutes after the treatment and for about 2 hours afterwards.
I highly recommend K-Laser or another cold laser treatment. If you have pain or inflammation, seek out a chiropractor or other clinic that offers it.

lyme disease, K-Laser, Andy Cutler Chelation

Despite not having the really bad drugged out feeling brain fog, dizziness still continued to be a daily occurence. I might have an hour or two of nearly  a clear head, but later in the day or if I stood up for too long, the dizziness would come on. It made it very difficult to make even the simplest of chores or even to make dinner.

About a month ago, I had 3 of 5 amalgams safely removed by a biological/holistic dentist here in Charlotte. It was a traumatic experience and it was mostly my fault!!! 
Let me tell you why, so you don't make the same mistake...

I currently belong to a group called Andy Cutler Chelation on Facebook. It's a great group with a lot of support and a lot of good information. I highly recommend it if you're concerned about mercury toxicity.

The day before my dental appointment, I figured I should read the ACC group file on what to do at the dentist office. I mentally checked off each thing to do...
until I go to the part where it said to stop taking vitamin C two days before so that the numbing meds the dentist gives you doesn't wear off too quickly. I take 1 gram of vitamin C four times a day and had just taken my morning dose, but didn't take any more that day. I figured I'd be ok.

The  next morning at my long awaited appointment, the dentist gave me nitrous oxide and it took a long time for me to feel the effects.  The dentist covered me from head to toe, gave me a mask with oxygen, had a special vacuum to whisk away any vapors and the dentist and assistant were covered and had a respirator on. 
The mercury was removed from 3 teeth, 1 was a crown. I was given multiple injections of numbing meds and was nearing the max amount she could give me in 1 day. She was working quickly  trying to finish prepping my final tooth for a crown, but wasn't able to finish after giving me a final injection. The assistant gave me a temporary filling and I had to make an appointment to come back the following week. All of this took 4 hours.
lyme disease, K-Laser, Andy Cutler Chelation

Let me tell you...my jaw was so sore and I couldn't open my mouth more than an inch until the 3rd day.  I felt miserable after the numbing meds started to wear off, but I started feeling better about 10 pm the evening after amalgam removal. The  strange thing was that even though I felt sore and not so good from all the dental work, my brain was clear and my eyesight was great and I could see the TV in my room without glasses. I thought it might be from the 4 hours of oxygen I had during the dental work. Makes me think I should look into that!

One thing of note; the day after getting the amalgams removed I felt lighter or that the mercury burden was lighter. Kind of like when you get a hair cut. Someone else brought this up in the ACC group. Many agreed.

I went back the following week to get the final prep done for my 2nd crown. I made sure that I stopped all vitamin C three days ahead of time, just to be sure. When I went back in, the dentist gave me 2 shots of numbing medication and went to do a third, but I waved her off and said I didn't need it and that I was already really numb. She wanted to make sure the same thing wouldn't happen again. I told her it was because I hadn't stopped my vitamin C in time. Things went well and now I'm just waiting for my permanent crowns to come back so I can have those put on.

After this dental appointment, I wasn't that sore and could eat regularly the next day. It was a lot better than the first appointment.

I'll be making the 2nd appointment to get the remaining two teeth for the end of September. I'd do it sooner, but the ACC group says that your body starts to dump mercury 2-4 months after your last amalgams are removed and many people don't feel well. We have a wedding to go to at the end of October and I don't want to miss it.  I will start chelating after Christmas, which will be 3 months after the last amalgam removal.

Ever since the 3 amalgams were removed, I've started to make a little progress again. The most progress I've made has been the past 5 days because of something new I've been taking. I'm pretty excited about it and hope my new found energy continues.

I read about a lot of things and then try them, if they're not too expensive and of course, not dangerous to your health. 

Sorry to leave you hanging here, but I'll tell you about it next time!


Here is the status of my symptoms:
Numbness, tingling in feet - fluctuates, but seems to be getting better
dizziness/off balance- getting better 
brain fog- Haven't had any in the past week
blurry eyes - seems to have stablilized
urgency  (3) - still a problem
noise sensitivity (2)
startles easily- very little unless it's a really loud noise.
muscle pain -2 some days more, especially after working too hard.
muscle weakness- I think I'm getting stonger
high pitch ringing in the ears/low pitch ringing. High pitch comes and goes,
This list is getting shorter!

Here are some products I like and are currently taking:
These are affiliate links, which mean I'll make a small commission should you order from the link. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the post. I have experienced similar symptoms in the past, but not as frequently as you seem to have experienced them. I have tried several products that sometimes seem to help; I’ll have to look into the products you suggest at the end of your post. Also, thanks for suggesting the Andy Cutler Chelation group. Always good to associate with others feeling the same.

    Mark Wallace @ Chiropractic Memphis

  2. I have another post that lists some things that have helped me as I heal from lyme/mercury toxicity. It's on the sidebar towards the top of the page. You can also copy and past this link into the address bar where you enter a URL. https://myhealinglymejournal.blogspot.com/2015/12/products-i-use-in-my-healing-journey.html As with anything, I've tried a lot of supplements that have helped me and some that have not. Some haven't helped me at a certain time, but have helped later when I got a little better. Some I have only needed and used for a time. The Andy Cutler Group on Facebook has a lot of information on it.