Saturday, March 23, 2019

Down In The Trenches

This post is mainly written for those who are chelating.

It's Saturday and I feel crappy.

I usually wait until I feel somewhat well to write, but today I'm writing when I don't feel well.

If you're wondering...I just finished month 16 of the dump. It could end any day now or it could linger until month 24... or longer.

I just finished round 49 (still on 5 mg ala) on Wednesday night. Technically, it was 2:30 am Thursday morning, but I still think of my round ending on Wednesday night.

Rounds have been mostly good since the last post.
I've gone to a 2 hour dosing schedule during the day and every 2:40 at night.
I don't find it any more difficult than dosing every 3 hours and I'm usually up at night multiple times anyway, so I'm glad I gave it a try.

When I was doing 3 hour dosing, I just felt like I was getting some redistribution closer to hour 3 when I took another dose; I don't get that with 2 hour dosing.

I usually feel pretty good when I'm on round and the first day off, but the first two rounds this month I didn't.

Glad that's over with.

This past round I was back to feeling good. I get in the sauna every afternoon on round and the first day off round to minimize redistribution. I start feeling redistribution usually by Friday.

Redistribution, for those that don't know is when you get increased symptoms again. During a round, most people feel better and definitely upbeat.

So, here's what I'm experiencing:
Yesterday afternoon my eyes started getting blurry and later that evening watery and burning. It's Spring and pollen is starting to fall fro the trees, but I don't have seasonal allergies and I haven't been outside much. I'm sure my eyes will be back to normal by tomorrow night. This isn't the first time it's happened.

I have numbness in my feet and legs, but lately it's been moving higher up on my legs and the left leg is more numb than the right. Lately, both legs feel like I'm wearing knee high socks. On round, both legs are less numb and the right leg was barely numb at all. The numbness never leaves my feet and the left foot is not very flexible at all.
Fatigue and general overall lack of motivation is keeping me mostly in bed today.
Today, the dizziness seems to be absent, so I'm thankful for that.
I will be sooooooooo glad when that symptom is gone!

Last symptoms are the top of my head seems to be smoldering, my tinnitus is a little louder and I'm itchy.
I tend not to worry about these symptoms coming and going. The Andy Cutler Chelation group on Facebook is filled with posts asking if these symptoms are normal.
Yes, they are normal mercury toxicity symptoms.

As everyone says in the Andy Cutler Facebook group: "Onward and upward.

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