Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lion's Mane Mushroom

You know I'm a big fan of Vital Plan's Restore program and that it's helped me tremendously in my healing lyme journey.

Today I  wanted to let you know about a product that's helped me quite a bit. That product is Lion's Mane mushroom.
I first heard about lion's mane while on one of the Facebook groups I follow. A person needed some help with brain fog and other neuro symptoms that affected his brain.

My symptoms were forgetfulness, dyslexic typing, poor spelling (before lyme I was a great speller) and trouble recalling words.
What I call dyslexic typing is when you know that a word is spelled in such a way, but you mix up one or more of the letters. I also would spell things oddly, for example, the word speech I might spell speach or I might spell the word boat as boate. It's pretty common among those of us with neuro lyme and it's seen on many a post on Facebook.  Those two symptoms were pretty annoying to me.

After hearing the positive comments on Facebook, I quickly did a search about it online.. The most  helpful thing for me was going on Amazon and reading the reviews.

The reviews were good, so I ordered some Brain Forza Lion's Mane Mushroom shown in the photo above. I take  as directed: 1  in the morning and 1 in the evening with meals.
I noticed a marked improvement by week 3. After I finished the bottle, I seemed to be so much better in all my symptoms, but I wasn't sure that it had been the lion's mane mushroom that had helped. I thought I was just getting better after being on the Restore program for a few months. After finishing the bottle, I didn't order another.

After 2 weeks of being off of the lion's mane, I noticed that the dyslexic typing and poor spelling started coming back, so I ordered another bottle from Amazon.
I am still working on the 2nd bottle that I ordered and the symptoms are so much better. I can't say that the symptoms are 100% better, maybe 80%, and they definitely aren't as frustrating anymore. My symptoms seem to be a little worse when I'm really tired.

I think I will continue to take lion's mane mushroom for a couple more months, then stop it again for a couple of weeks to see if I still need it.
This is a link to the brand I buy on Amazon. It

I will have an update on how I'm feeling as I begin Round 6 next week, so I hope you'll come back.

Hope today is a good day for you!

disclosure: If you order through this link, I will make a small commission, but this in no way affects your price or my review of the product. Read the reviews for the various products and make up your own mind.
ps. if you are allergic to mushrooms, you probably shouldn't take lion's mane or any other medicinal mushrooms.Since I'm not a doctor,  this isn't medical advice  and you should check with your medical professional to see if lion's mane is ok for you to take.
This post is for informational purposes only.


  1. This really helped I think I am going to try it. Thank you

  2. Hi my name is Jeremy. I was wondering how you are doing currently and if the lions mane worked or not? Thanks

    1. Jeremy, I'm doing a lot better. The lion's mane mushroom helped me for several months when I needed it. I stopped taking it as I got better and didn't need it anymore.

  3. Hi! This is Greg the founder of BrainForza. I want to thank you SOOO MUCH for this post. It was really great to hear your story and I am so happy the product was able to help and it seems support in fully resolving your symptoms to where you do not need it anymore. Helping people with the best supplements on the market is our goal. Thank you again and we are always here if you need us!

  4. I have been researching Lions Mane for my father in law with dementia, myself with problems due to a fall, and my husband getting off ADD medicine. Most research shows that you need to keep taking it probably for a long time. It takes time to completely reverse years of a problem. As we get older, the body does not work as well and there may be long term damage present. You may have to take it for a very long time. That is better, even at that, then taking drugs with nasty side effects. I can not report on the effects yet but make sure you buy a good brand such as this one. This is the brand we have started this week. I will report back on our situation with all three of us on Lion's Mane. I can report on one thing. Taking care of my father in law for three years full time had me pretty much on the brink. I have been cranky, testy, unpleasant to be around. Right after I took the first dose, I was calmer and less cranky. I am on the third day and my mood is improved. I have tried other supplements which have made no difference. I had a head injury falling on ice two years ago and still have focus problems which has affected my writing. So will report back in a few weeks.