Friday, October 4, 2019

The End of the Dump

I'm going to call it...My dump has officially ended!

The dump (increased symptoms and many days of hell) started 2 months after amalgam removal around 
November 25th 2017 and ended or started to end around September 13th 2019 (round 62). 

It was almost 22 months long. 2 months + a few days short of 2 years

I'm glad it is over and I thank God he helped me through it. 

If you stopped by for the last couple of posts, they were DEPRESSING

I wrote in the last post that I was worried that the dump would never end and wondered what if it didn't. My face was broken out and peeling, the numbness in my legs was moving up my legs and the dizziness was as bad as ever.

To keep my mind from worrying, I was counting down the days and if the dump was going to end  at 24 months I had between 83 to 144 days left to suffer in it. 
For some reason 71 was sticking in my head, so since round 71 would be done around the end of October, I set my goal to get through 71 rounds and that the dump would be over. If it wasn't over by round 71, I could definitely make it another month if the dump was 24 months on November 25th. 

Ah, but I was WRONG! The dump started to end  - wait for it -

71 DAYS from my last post!

I'm not well yet and still have probably 3 years of chelation left, by my estimation, but my head feels good.
Have you ever had a really bad flu that lasted for days and then your fever breaks? You know you've turned a corner and feel better, but you still have a way to go to be 100%. 
Yep. That's where I am. 

For those that want to know more, I wrote down some details on what happened and how I was feeling on 2 different days. 

Here's what I wrote on  9/17:

I don't want to jinx it, but I think the dump is ending!
Last week, I felt calm on round and the first two days off round were easy too. I  had some off round redistribution on Friday the 13th, but it wasn't much. Saturdays are always my worst day off round, with enough increased symptoms to keep me in bed most of the day. Saturday came and no symptoms.
Sunday night I had a rough night and didn't sleep much, so I turned off all my alarms for dose times and didn't start my round at 8 am Monday.
Monday night, I had better sleep, so I started my round on Tuesday and the next two days on round went well, with the exception of missing a dose. I remembered it an hour late, but didn't want to abort the round, so I took the dose and reset all my alarms for a 2 hour schedule.

Since last week, I've noticed that my muscles are cramping up less and most of the time, not at all, when I go from a sitting to standing position. It seems to be getting better day by day, but we'll see how things are off round.
Previously, when I would stand from a sitting position, my leg muscles would spasm and I would need to hold on to my walker until the spasm stopped and then I could walk somewhat regularly.
 I have more energy too.
Tonight, I vacuumed my bedroom, the large U shaped hallway, the office, part of he kitchen and a little section of the living room. I was tired, but I didn't feel ill, like I was going to die.
Previously, just vacuuming one room would tire me out that I felt ill and I couldn't go on and it was imperative that I sit down and rest immediately.
That is a big plus. Now, maybe I'll get my house tidied up!

I've also noticed that I feel good sitting down. The past several months, I've mostly felt ok sitting down, but this is the longest stretch of feeling good sitting down.
I was able to make pasta last night. I was able to stand while it cooked and I didn't feel awful when it was finished.

The dizziness hasn't been as bad either. Usually, when I get up and do things, it makes me dizzy to the point of feeling ill.
So far that is lessening. Tuesday, I was hardly dizzy at all; just a little off balance. I was able to walk out to the mailbox WITHOUT using my cane!

This evening, I didn't need the help of my walker as I walked around the house. Usually, just holding on to it keeps me from expending too much energy as I walk and I need it to walk across the house. Tonight I didn't need it.

I still have numbness in my legs, but it isn't bothering me.
Ringing in my ears is loud this round, but it doesn't bother me.

I think I'm feeling better every day!
I've been able to do more things every day.
The numbness in my legs is right leg only has numbness from the ankle down.
I feel really good sitting down.
When I walk in a crowd, hanging on to my husband, my brain can process what I'm seeing. Before, I would hang on my husbands arm and walk blindly, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other.
My head is clear and I feel positive, instead of pessimistic about life again. 
Haven't had random fibro pain on various parts of my body.
Stabbing pains that used to last for hours or a day and a half, haven't happened.
I don't have to sleep with a pillow under my legs because it's comfortable when I straighten them.

Which brings us to today; October 4th.
I took a week off of chelating last week because I had to travel. 
My round this week went well and I haven't really feel any different on round. 

Which means I can raise my dose after doing 3 round of not feeling anything on or off round. 

I plan to add DMPS to my ALA rounds to get more mercury out. DMPS chelates mercury from the body, but ALA (alpha lipoic acid) is the only chelator that crosses the blood brain barrier and removes mercury from the brain. 
I'll let you know how that goes another time. 

For now, let's celebrate that almost 2 years of hell is over!

Next time, I'll compare how I was before, during and after the dump. 



  1. I have no words Pam! I can't even imagine what you are going through. I do wish you continued strength, patience, endurance and many better days ahead! Anna Granger

    1. Thanks Anna! I'm sure better days are ahead. I've been able to easily raise my dose twice and will be doing so again in 2 weeks.